Benefits of hiring a collaborative attorney01/10/201701/10/2017Mario Whitehead

A collaborative attorney uses collaborative law procedures to solve cases. This is different from the traditional method of going to court. The collaborative law approach is very common when it comes to family law, Click Here To Learn More. This is the best way to deal with cases such as divorce, child custody and other cases related to the family. Using other law approaches like the adversarial method ends up creating tension in the family. Family cases are not about competition and creating hostility in the process of winning a case; this is why all this is the most recommended method of solving cases.

Why hire a collaborative attorney

Give you advice

This is one of the areas that the traditional lawyer and the collaborative lawyers share roles. A good collaborative lawyer offers you advice on the best approach to solving the cause. However, unlike other lawyers, this type of lawyer will offer much-personalized advice. This will help you in making decisions based on your personal needs and the outcome you want at the end of the day.


Help in negotiation

Collaborative law is all about finding common ground for agreement. This means that there is a lot of negotiation that takes place in the process. In the case of a divorce, there are chances that your partner will also have a lawyer too. Lawyers have the needed negotiation lawyer which you may lack as a person who has no knowledge of the law.

Help in solving problems

The main aim of this type of law is to try and find some peace as well as solve the legal issues. This means that when you hire a collaborative lawyer, you don’t expect the harsh way of handling problems. A good lawyer will try and make peace in the case solving process and come up with a way of solving problems without necessarily going to court.


Walk with you

A collaborative lawyer offers more functions than your traditional lawyer. For instance, a collaborative lawyer will take time and understand your interest in the case. They will strive to protect your interest and make sure that you get the most out of the case. Even after the divorce, a good lawyer will make sure that you are comfortable in recommending a therapist and also a divorce coach to make sure everything is fine.